Wrapped in swaddling clothes like a child born in a manger
It offers to keep alive and a hope for generations yet so untrue
The attractions without and lure within…
It is this impure attractions that brew death daily…a lust to fix and make it through desires that bite and sting the very heart of the maker
It is time to stay before the broken alters of praise and submit to holiness in scarlet apparels
“Come as you are….wounded and stained”
To take his hyssop of love and mercy,wash clean within and without
A counterfeit life within the  vales of insatiable lust decline  and desist
That baby is not the saviour…years ago the baby came in swaddling clothes… Stayed alive but died lateron to fix me and you
Stained the scarlet with the blood shed upon wooden hangers
Cleansed and cured, justified and glorified
Now seated beside the father, thorough and completely given
Never to make reconcilliation again
That which was made was thorough and complet….
Turning the heart of fathers to hearts of children
A saviour like none before…gave a new name and kept mercy for us…
Though our iniquities and trangressions be as scarlet….He makes us snowwhite…pure and accepted in the beloved….
Elected through sabctification by the very Spirit that quickened us life again…

I stay within the sacrifice made, standing on broken alters of needful worship…i wait on the promise…because it could never have failed by the will!


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