When these winged beings die…
Where do they lay?
If they do?
How and what?
They fly accross the fermaments…glide on clusters of hanging clouds…burning like fire
Delivery beings they are!
Do they? When they? Why?
Spirit to spirits, yet so real and true!
Mighty and gigantic, swift and supersonic!
Numerous in millions…
Who keeps them? For whom are they?
Making melodies; best voices ever heard,across heavens and earth!
I have seen a flash of travelling light, beam across my darkest moments, flooding the tunnels and carverns, when hopeless and helpless i fainted
The lights enveloped me,cleared my doubts and flapped me on thier wings of mercy…
No wonder i get lifted and so easily lighted…

Beyond here, to the spinning wheel…swirling winds of spirits they go!
I wonder when they die…or how they do if ever they do…these beings,dwell with me daily!
For my safety they cluster and pester…always here
Never away…in sin or right…hedged in
I have seen these fight my battles
I know there are angels all arround me!