In your presence


Right in the majesty of your holiness
I strayed in mind and at heart
Lusting disaffectionately at the weakness within
Constantly eating me and criticising me…
Making me feel like unworthy and unacceptable
Yet you had purposed mercy even before the earth was made
You had broken the walls…the reasons to stay away
I could never go on without you
Kings cry and fall before you…daily casting crowns…lifting hands…bowing hearts
Creation is constantly mesimerized by your doings
The four wierd beasts hourly and daily worshipping
Sustained by the very ambience of you
Light unapproachable
Voices…thunderings and quakes
Immortal,invincible and invisible…
Yet in your presence…the one i carry and that carries me
Undeserving yet always nigh!
I stand amazed at your glory…there is joy peace and hope…
No one like you…in all the earth
God of wonder,beyond our galazy
This universe constantly speaks of your majestic splendour….
Teach me to stay within your very presence
Teach me to live in the consciousness of you, your ambience
Teach me to dwell in the very courts of your praise…
Teach me all of you!
Let me be nothing without…let me die the death of pain if without i dwell…in the farthest parts….in the lowest depths or the highest heights…your love still surrounds me
It is true and faithful…king eternal, your word infallible and ominipotent
In your very presence…keep me lord…
Help me stay again.


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