Where the criers and mourners dread,in the concord place…joy drained…pain fed…as though helpless!
I thought the name i had could muse the watchers, but consistently they declined!
It became a question of a bater of souls, the bickering from endless prayers by those who decried love was worsening, yet relentlessly rendered like a rite that must be made on  secondly basis!
I was here a while ago…fettered by ignorance,faithlessness, deceived by a punctured hope…all i wanted was a sip from the streams of mercy…a fill to flip the wrong sided coin over; a man’s life was hanging in the balance…depended so much on my part…
In this place, an old man told me, friends were few, brothers were scarce, family was feeble! He said i needed justification by my resolve on the written word…i wondered like a lost puppy in this place…
Yes, there was a payment made for all i would have needed to purchase by another whose love outweighed the consequences i inherited; But sadly it wasnt about me, it was about the weary soul waiting on the angel to stir the waters…yet this time he had more than the paralysed man…he had a son to wait on him
love is tested in adversity, unity is tested in weakness, i have come to my wit’s  end…i.need you here…
In this place i need you already…give me you


One thought on “Here

  1. oyesola busola says:

    The part I love most is this: “Love is tested in adversity”. When all is gone, would you still be standing? That is “LOVE”. And i’ve only found that in God. Proud of you buddy!#hugs#

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