Love rested on the notes…red and rudy like the young face of a singer wooing the emotions of his listening audience to tearless weep at the purest symphony…
Melodies and harmonies to quench a thirst…want for the purest…search for the oddest… to truly symbolize the synchrony!

It is in  this summer house where we meet and wish for an  endless spill of wine
We rub hearts and minds…we bruise souls
We mend the broken…

Sometimes in the picture i find the shadows lurking behind the colours of love
Beneath the canvas,maybe in the very underneath
Like in the covers, latent to the staring eyes
The watchers,rumour mongers,onlookers, laymen

Love is pure yet scarlet
Love is gold
Love is music
Love is grace
Love is splendor
Love is aboundance
Love is crystal
Love is divine
Love is the beauty of life
Love is spiritual

Upon the melody and harmony lines of sworn friendship
Death is temporal,no opposer to the eternity of love
I grind and wind on the metallic bangs of her expression
Into a state beyond limbo…metaphysical is the depth of this feeling so unapeakable…faceless,not gender inclined,just pure as the loud music pours into the portals of human.souls, a pathway into blissful disguise…
A muse to simpletons, an enigma to feeble minds
These notes sound so shrill in my ears tonight!


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