CoLoUr GiRl

Image credit-fissionjo(femi)

It is beautiful from within the box, the dark black overlay…yet bright piercing light holes and grinders
when you sway in graceful twirls, yet steady gait, to and fro the holy house
In the little frame worth a goldmine, truly refined , years over, by pain and joy, now flaunted in fashion’s splendour of colours…

It is the core values of heaven’s passion that keep you blissful, in the rain and sun, cold and warmth, love and dislike…
you show up in rainbows well proportioned but beneath the skins, lies the best of you
Your addiction to love, your weakness for life and light, your sweet frailty…your very inertia
These talks are no innuendos but observable verified truths…i have felt these few days in the bliss oof your friendship
I could give you more but i shan’t take His place in you…
I will unveil the hidden, i will unwrap the Yuletide gift,  but that’s only if we stood before an Xmas tree to open family gifts

It is beautiful from within  the box…insurmountable passion for the supreme deity, the only spice of life itself
your communion with Him, like intercourse, an inexplicable ecstasy, so vivid , well felt, you bring to table
It is this that remains your deepest obsession, your strongest attraction, your brightest glow
But again love would find a way, not agape this time alone but emotions, earthly yet heavenly!

I pledge allegiance, to share  in grace, humbly if you may allow, always at safe distance the daily bliss you feel…
As you chuckle in every moment beneath the breathe of prayers, it is okay to brand the faith in your own sincere way…
Being cautious of confessions and thoughts, not over stepping the lines, it is indeed perfect your style to steer right
Keeping the commandments close to your very breasts…like ornaments around your graceful neck…

In all keep the colours aglow, bright and bold
your vanity laced within, shine on
like the colour girl you are



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