Like Strangers in moscow…out in the snow
Cold alone…broken without…lost within
Left out…needing warmth…memories of you
Distant voices…shrill sounds,too far away
Lost,twisted,in this maze, needing grace again!

Call out to me from this void and vast vacuum
Yes however cold your voice may feel
Its warmth is better than those from foes
In this degraded land,patched from drought
Be my stream,be my brook,make me green

I could never despise the past we share
I seek today for a better tomorrow
Hand in hand, down life’s aisle..down the paths of peace and war
Side by side,victories won,battles won!
It’s yours i crave,smiles from you…mercy at your table
Fed fat by droppings from your honey love
Riding through the vast meadows, breaking bad if need be!

We together are the champions,victors of love’s conquest…i need you now…i need you here
The harmonies in melody as we cheer together battle chants…victory songs
In a cold hateful world…not ever letting go of the faith we received
No compromise…just you and i

Dedicated to Dabar


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