It was you

It was you… In the shadows beyond the meadows
Right across the uptown alley in a downtown twist…
It was you who came from behind and held me through the blind cold night
It was you,yeah the one i felt and smelt…the musk of your scent stings my faint memories today
But it was you who came along as friends and family in a disguise
Helping through odds that kept at me
It was you all along…in the valley,it was you
I saw your face in a blurry picture…you were the little boy
The man, The woman,the young girl…you were always in the picture
You were the miracles, the successes, the hope…just everything that came through was you
When i wept,when i pained,when i was shattered;broken into a million pieces..
It was you…the potter,fixing me daily!
I saw you…i saw a priest..i saw a prophecy true…
It’s been just you


Image sourced from android backgrounds.


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