My psalms 23

The lord is my keeper,i lack nothing…making me dwell amidst green pastures
To graze full and fat
leading me besides still and trobled waters
He restores my soul and granting me peace at heart
He prepares me a banquet, my foes and friends he invites…
No wonder i tour the paths of lurking death, i fear no nigh or distant evil…
He is present with me…
Your big rod and golden staff bring me ultimately, comfort like never before
Most assuredly goodness and mercy follow me now and to eternity
You never sleep snor or slumber
You watch painstakingly over me…
I wonder in mesimerized awe and amazement how u tenderly care for a mere motal like me
Killing thousands,giving nations and heathen kings and hosts for me…
Beauty for ashes, oil of joy for mourning
I stand amazed in your most holy presence
I spill from my heart…worship and blissful admiration…
I give you all as i have and lay yielded and broken
Contrite and humble, meek and sincere…
For i need you always…now and ever.


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