without pictures…

Sometimes pain could hurt so much, going through unwritten or spoken memoirs locked within 

pockets of situations faced alone 

Nothing even hurts beyond the sting of the numbness you feel when something so unprecedented, unanticipated, unwanted creeps into your very reality, maybe the truth of it makes you cringe within

When soft, soulful music hurts; her lyrics piercing your bones through to the marrows…In all of these odds, you want to just cry and let the tears flow ceaselessly, breathlessly and unabashed…

All you see now may be vague and blurry from the scars of yesterdays adventures, however life is like a stream that flows on, into rivers of possibilities as time grows, ageless and endlessly, she grows and births the necessary but written

Sometimes without pictures to keep hope alive, we must believe in the reality of the intangible beyond the visible tangible!

We must stir  the waters within, spill some tears but rise again from the ashes like the Phoenix!

I have tasted pain and want, i have been bruised by change but i have seen miracles unfold in time…

I will be hopeful as much as i must, because life is hope but death is pain…

Stay alive!


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