On the long walk to freedom from the cozy comfort of my room,
From the quiet and ‘PEACEFUL’ corner of my West African walls
I saw the reason to die and saw the reason to live,
Suddenly my dreams became single and resolved, my quest became refined and clear,
It was the need to share of the death that kills the great; legends that carved their names into the rocks of history!

Again, I reiterate the call of redemption’s song, emancipation from mental slavery
However more than the liberty that ensues, is the love that must dominate, the only true reason to live or die

I find Madiba, a man or rarity and character, a choice for kings and gold

I need to sail this boat alone…because we got to freedom but lost the love!

On the trip, down the road to bloody freedom and justice, I heard a requiem; it pinched my soul’s ear and vexed my mind’s peace…

I knew that these men who became dust, had licked the salt, they had tasted the sweetness of death, they had outlived the pangs of pain
It was a quest to ruin injustice, racism and hate!

I wonder what else is sweeter than the honey of love from the heart of a broken man, a wounded soldier, a bereaved mother…
In the picture, a woman was painted; I would have her named freedom’s mother and wife

It was for the reason of every piece in the jigsaw, every piece on the battle board; every pun, every knight, every bishop, that freedom was…

You taught me to believe again, in purpose, in love, in change, in worthy fights, in deliverance!
You have birth a new me, a new man, a new world, I assure you…

This time the enemy is within not without, the enemy is black not white, the enemy eats from my plate

Drinks my own water and pisses against my own wall
I will trail, I will ambush and I will raise an army to fight within!
Indeed we got to freedom but lost the love

Image credit: Google images



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