Hannah …hello!
I thought and pondered, more deeply than deeper
I wished in silence,mostly wanting and hoping
That words could have been spoken by mere gazes and chuckles, every morning !
You were such  a voice ,and i was just an ear
I have seen your weakness, i have felt your pain
I have eaten your meal, made you mine
It was not the glitter or shimmer of your covers
It was not just your glassy classy looks, almost daily
Nor the alto of your music box or depth of your prayers …
It was your every touch and detail
Your very inner, your within as well as without
So tonight i scrolled through the pages of memory, to a place i barely ever visit
Then i read stories i had never told or scripted before
It was all pure as sweet honey, tasty and flavoured
I could not but pick a pen to relieve my deepest emotions and slight regrets
Oh yes, its been 365days over and over and again
But in that box of treasure…i want to unlock you…
How sad; you are  too swiftly gone as always
Gone to another, a world unknown to me
I hope in your stray you are safely arrived
I hope that your eyes have not dimmed
That all of the glow stay the same…
I would keep within yet again
Until someday when we meet again!