Under the cherry blossoms, we sat and spent cheerful nights like lovers and friends do

We drank to stupor the most red of wines from life’s vineyard

Our hearts raced to thoughts of love, war and death behind

We were alone yet surrounded by our own very fears and doubts

Doubts of the truth about the life beyond and after

But history will be faithful to our memories

Because acts of love and care will live through the sands of time

Under the clouds of our own heaven we sat, we spent the night starring into the reflections of galaxies beyond

Questions were unanswered as we made for the knives that would slit our throats

None new what words to say to allay the fears that gripped our souls like the hands of a drowning soul unsaved

Beneath those clouds we were when we heard the sounds of an orchestra and the works of brass instruments

 Beating the drums of our ears, like redemption song, the melodies and harmonies, irresistible!

This has been a reverie mixed with true life’s experience yet laced with uncertainties

Uncertainties that make for difficulty in allotting to it the right nomenclature

Under my sheets of love I slept and my cogitations gave birth to unending worrisome dreams

Dreams aching to be realities, yenning for a transfiguration show

We were still beneath the sheets of blossoms, when knives were drawn and throats slit!



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