i wonder i ponder yet i don’t know
why you’ld ever choose to love me
why you’ld ever care so much for me
why you’ld be so kind to spare me
i trouble i grumble i even mumble but again i remember
how you healed me
why you keep me close
why you even trust me
why you keep believing me
even when nothing is secret to you

you see my every move,you see my nakedness
you hear my vile thoughts,you just put up with me
i am humbled,i bother,i almost wither ashamed and broken
why you let me live, i never deserved to stay alive
why you helped me
why you hide me in your pavillion

oh why?
why oh why? chorus

who knows the end of your compassion?
who has a measure for your mercy?
in my worship,you dwell within
offering your most tender caress
you,big you,great you wise you,ageless you making me speechless!
speechless by the splendor of your sweetness
why you even call my name or keep a record of me…
why you call me yours
why you never cheat on me
why you made me great
why you set your love on me

oh why?
why oh why? chorus


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