As you listen in your mind’s ear, to the melodies and harmonies from my own mind
As you put rhythm and harmonies to the words I write to you
In the stillness of your darkest night and a noiseless wind flow
You’ll find the very comfort I wish for you
It would wipe your tears, ease your mind and cleanse your heart
Kill the worries and allay your fears…like a balm heal your thoughts
Just when you’re at the cross road of decision
To take a life or save a life
Give in to peace or face a fight
Listen for a second, feel for a moment
There’s that voice and touch right around
Because you’re a different breed, a believer
You are not of the shadows, gloomy and dark
You are not a pain giver nor pestilent
You’re beautiful, you’re stronger
Because you are light, you are hope and you are peace!