goodevening lord

dear lord ,
i miss u so much and i just thought to tell you this tonight…because it’s been a while we talked like lovers…the last time we spoke you called me son! i thought you gave up on me, but daily i find you nearer and truer than ever.
i am amazed how you love me, so unconditioned, so supernatural, so differently. you’re nothing like my other friends, you make me so fly with your regard for the little details of my life.
i almost forgot how much i needed


to be grateful until i walked past a lame man, and i thought that you had been exceptional to me, i walked past a blind man and i saw that you have been most kind to me, i met a hungary soul, i found that you had fed me everyday, strong and fat! if anyone was to be in prison, if anyone was to deserve hell, if anyone was to never exist, i would qualify super excellently, but tell me what can i do? i cant even live without you, i cant even breathe without you,i win daily by you, i err daily and you forgive me so relentlessly!
dear lord, i just thought to show my appreciate with ordinary words but from a heart and soul healed and cleansed by you,so this is my extraordinary thanks, much love to you daddy…
i promised to stay with you, always,spare me not when i err as always, but remember to sprinkle the waters of your tender mercies on me…
i just wanna say so!



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