The music
It’s beautiful…in my ears
My soul is flushed and refreshed as the soft sounds push through my walls
It’s divine; a ritual so spiritual
My sadness is bruised and crushed
Her gentle glide slide through my sides
Like a sweet savoury aroma her melodies wipe my hurt
Tears so warm and slow treacle down my cleansed face
It’s beautiful…in my eyes
I see her robes of harmonic notes and colors
A rhythm undeniably melodious

All i want is your gentle continuous caress…
All i want is the sweetness of your voice
All i want is all of you
Your tender touch that chills my heart and hurt
Your dance and breathe taking beats that beat my pain
All i need is you…food to my soul!

Like natures pleasant noise
Like the gushing sound of a cascade
Like the chirping of morning birds
Like the distant cry of a human child
Like the whistling of a budding wind
Like the hissing of a mamba
Like the moaning of young lovers

I find you in every breathe
I find you in every whisper
I find you on every lip
I find you everywhere

Your beauty thrill my senses
Your beauty give me hope
Your sounds are immensely pleasurable
In measures i never want to let go
Oh music,stay with me forever!


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