Deeper and Higher

I sit in the congregation of your holy species
I live amongst the people vile and pure
I dwell in the dark with a light so deem
I put on with my desires like the vain
I cling to my vexation and vanity
I wear a cloak of pain and joy
I savour the wine red and sweet

I sat in the congregation of the holy species
I heard the preacher preach
I heard him speak of my rights and my lefts
I knew I had dined with the rich and poor
I saw in a trance my scarlet robe
I lusted for pleasure of secret and open

Then my cogitation failed me
Then my own wisdom despised me
Then my strength was spent and gone
I could not be His own,I just could not be
I was lost in a though of hopelessness
There was a rekindled indignation
A lure unto rightness amidst this

I craved higher
I craved deeper
I wanted closer
I needed farther
I craved nearer
I craved further
I wanted father
I needed maker

Deeper and higher unto Blissful immortality
A reality of eternity with superiority void of inferiority
In authority and prosperity
Deeper and higher daily and always
Closer and nearer only to you
Farther and further straying from sin
Like a father and maker own me anew


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