vase (broken and fixed)

This morning…
A glow from a beam of day’s dawn
A resplendence of no coincidence
Rainbow’s ray, incident on my mind, body and soul
Turned on like a switch into reality, I felt a switch unto realms
Spiritual healing! A friend calls it…
Dimensions of inception, a reflection of Eden!
Finally gold, mended after a bruised and broken history
Beautified and fixed, like clay pieces of a shattered vase
Like meadows with sunshine beauty, on the prettiest of flower fields
It’s like spirits shared by dating doves
Snuggles and cuddles by a babe in mama’s arms
Glee on the face as of a blind given sight
I was deflowered by the very lover I craved
One of my soul, mind and body
He bestowed me benefits on a salver of unfeigned love
Benefits as echoed by the psalms
Refreshed daily, cleansed and forgiven
Redeemed form hell and hades; daily again I say!
He finds me, fixes me, all of my broken pieces
Your touch and tender caresses find me oft
Leaving me in an ecstasy of wild spiritual fantasy
I feel the wetness of your flowing grace
Like a cascade flushing over my reins
Overawed at a touch of His garment’s helm
He spoke, this morning to me

broken and fixed
broken and fixed


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