LIFE’s Guide ( Gold figures)

In life we learn daily to be better persons by the decisions we dare to take, the experiences we dare to face and the compromises we dare to make

Like a path unending, we find the desires of our heart stray wild and yonder
Values are eroded as we practice to the fullest the lust that lurks about the corners of our heart
In the midst of this man craves endlessly and relentlessly to fill the vacuum

One that might be eternally be insatiable if filled with the vain philosophies that thrive in a world of hate and misrepresentation
So far the change factor becomes only what we decide to do as individuals who dare to stand in courage to speak for the poor, needy, sick, disabled, raped, abused, widows and fatherless

It all begins with you and I, running the race for those without the legs;
Climbing the trees for those without hands to feed;
Watching for the blind and listening for the deaf
Whilst we speak also for the good cause of the dumb
Facing the odds of criticism and cynical contempt

Here is purpose :
Adding values by creating good moral values even when none exist Living through our pain to exemplify hope and victory, daily and yearly
It is living by the rules of divinity and facing the truth with a disapproving stare at the seeming benefits of bad every compromise
It is giving hope with a smile and holding forth in life’s battlefield for fellow comrades and patriots
Distributing to all who need around us from the excess that we have by birth or our labor

May the good Lord find us, vessels to give and salvage in times of despair
Through acts of love and defiance to make good thrive by the estimates of a good conscience and yield to only the standards of unfeigned Love

(Dedicated To Men of Like Passion In The Struggle)



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