I saw Her

i saw her

i saw her

But she was dancing so nice and beautifully
Cheery blossoms all over the cold winter spring day
In another’s arms, happy and lost to me forever
Could not return for my place was long taken
hearts broken almost as shattered pieces from a clay vase

I saw her in the streets headed for the coffee shop
But with another ,hand in hand ,clasped like pigeons in love
White and black costumes to give nature compliment
She was gone wind the winds of yesterday

In the midst of my sighs I saw another give a smile
As though we had known like forever
I looked closer at the star sparkles that glittered across the hall
I turned back and sideways and behold it was i she stared at
In the most innocent glamour and admiration
I made for a few paces of advance and she did the same

I saw her on the 5th avenue, crossroads not far away
She made my world again and pain was over
Lights and mirth became friends, white and red roses exchanged themselves
Balls and parties followed and a sunday communion

I pledge not to let her slip through my fingers or time’s wings
Carried on by pleasure and emotions safety
forever in a world that’s not governed by the ecstasy of a reverie’s fantasy
Like today’s thought and tomorrow’s wishes


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