I am writing from deep within again…from where the blood in me drains and flows


A place of peace, want and pleasure


All at once, where once I was dead and gone


Then found in bliss anew, refreshed and purified by the word made flesh


Years ago, blind as though kept in a cave of darkness


But I reached out when he stretched to me by a hand of love


These are thoughts deep within that give smiles in a world where hurts and pain thrive like weeds on a loamy soil, or palms in the spring


When on a sandy beach I took a stroll and saw his foot prints alone, he said he carried me on mercy’s wing


In the arid, I found oasis to have a drink


In the snow, a warm embrace to give me warmth


All these are thoughts deep within, giving smiles to the simple hearts


I find u across oceans and seas, in the wild and dark


A light to guide and wind to steer…


These all leave me speechless and in awe unimagined


I give the last bit of me as I spill the deepest emotions of passion in blissful delight


An expression of nothing else but eternal admiration for such purity and love


Earthly lovers could never attain unto such bliss, a transfiguration experience


Almost surreal, rather Utopian to feeble minds and mortals


It is this that makes the better part of my extraordinary world


I crave the hills, the mounts, the valleys, and the deep; all of the earth


For these places bring me the virtue and feelings i attempt to describe by these simple words

you are my sun, my moon giving me soft melodies in harmony and symphony…

dedicated to sliding hearts


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