don’t ever wake me up (HEART SERIES)

It’s a gold party in my head now
All the sounds are gold and good
It’s a dream at day ,with butterflies in my belly
You gave me oil and wine
Without you am dead like the dead sea
Yet this moment is gold because it’s your song in my head
The very piece I wrote you on the night I got you

Stay again,stay with me now
I am obsessed and allowed
In deep reference for the awe of your presence giving essence to my very existence

It’s divine this feeling I can’t shout
Give it to me in all ways
The very touch that sparkles, I’m all yours today
In the finest,white linen vest and shiny armour of love
Shield of faith and wine of the spirit
Drunken in the overdose of your splendour
In my head, all in my heart
You have won me silly
Not for fools but wise men
Given to the supernatural
Traded ashes for beauty
Crowned with forgiveness in the lowest of moments

I can write this for ever
To the world across
Let nations see and read of your sweetest acts
I’ll blow you endless kisses of gratitude…


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