just us


By the stillest of waters, streams of affection and expressions of passion

Speechless in awe, as those eyes, lighten my face like a moonlight’s beam amidst the sky stars

resplendent and laced in glowing perpetuity like the morning sun

Then hearts are racing and leaping as we touch in the depth of a bottomless deep

This love transcends the red of roses or purity of its white

Inspired by your virtue in a world where all shy from ideals

The story begins by girl liking boy; boy likes girl too

The miles in between can’t hold against the intensity of our craving hearts and flesh

In all this it’s sanity that’s kept us for our chance to make eternity

But we do need this, for better for worse, then a transfiguration at the peak of time

In whites robes and skins of immortality, an endless love, salvaged and kept

This is our tale, a tale for kings and queens only

Therefore let my heart’s sound be yours alike, a resonance of feelings and emotion

Groaning and grinning like a blend of mixed heated desire caused by an opium and aphrodisiac

I make this pledge, to have you closer, like within and inside because what I feel, I spill

To keep you dearer and nearer than ever, a friend not foe

A treasure to pleasure in boundless measure

Whenever and however, together without bother

As we merge in unity of want, in plenty or lack

To share and care, to hold and keep from the snares of men

Those who lurk around to steal your peaceful heart

Just the two of us, in a world where your mine and I’m yours 

Even when others cry and hate…

Take my vows and burn them on the skins of your heart and mind

Let them burn out smells of affection not caution

Let them comfort not distort

Like warmth on a snowy cold day, like rains after a midday scourging sun

That’s the way I want the two of us 

Just the two of us


GOLD-Afro love…winks

Image source-Google Images



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