bleeding eyes

Crushed and bruised by the fangs of the beast in black robes

The darkened, soiled by the blood of the young and untimely snatched

His eyes fiery and grisly, peering out of their own abode

Scared and scarred by him who bears them; he goes about street to street

Causing mothers to wail, fathers to gnash and children to cry

When he strikes, he spares none; a foe, not friend… 

Untimely, unknown and unwanted; a guest disgusted by all

Moving on his prey with the wildest gusto one insurmountable except by light 

When he bites, fangs dig deep within, bones or marrows

Leaving heavy hearts and hisses, taking away sunshine and moonlight

Now u came and stung me

I had thought to ignore your sting but my eyes bleed as those of mere mortals

My heart fails deep within and my breath is breached

I bleed but for a season, I wail but only tonight

I shall squeeze the rivers of water out of my socket

I shall rent my raiment and sit below

I will fall a mortal but rise a god!

Though I bleed this day, I shall rejoice again when pain and grief are murdered

You who rove in black hooded raiment

Seeking the innocent and the beautiful, seeking the guilty and ugly 

I shall celebrate and grind over when your judgment shall come

You shall burn and your eyes shall bleed

While I narrowly look at thee as you drown in your fluid

You stand like a god today but shall fall as mortal

But Let those who mourn be still

 Image Source- Google images


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