a glimpse of tomorrow

I did see it,with my eyes wide shut…
I stared in the dark,it was much of a bright-dark day
The gloomy picture was more vivid than the clarity and purity of crystal glass…
I did see our future in our present…seemed nearer and closer than today…

A glimpse,a piece,a brief,but just all I needed to press on…
I take my life again,in the hollow of my scarred palms,I press on with you
To a place of love and hope,health and wealth
Only men saved by pain and hurt, win and cheer…
I bid you,share with me,this splendour seen!

If you hurt and cry,wait and wipe the tears dry
Because there’s hope beyond these vales and scales
Gird your loins and forge ahead…

a pretty day ahead I know
Come with me now and ever…
I have a glimpse enough to share!


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