He searched…


None greater…
He searched…
He wondered…
He sought…But He found none Gold and greater
He found none purer and Holy
He found none mightier than He
He searched through all eternity
He went above and beneath
He found none intrepid and stronger

And when He had searched and
He found none more faithful and true
He spoke with undaunted resolved confidence
He swore by His name

For His name is holy
For His name is pure
For His name is fully
For His name is mighty
For His name is gracious

He swore to me and you
The God and father of creation
The prince of Peace
The ruler of the nations
The king-maker
The greatest,the kindest
The best, the Lord strong and mighty
Gracious and merciful ,slow to anger
Willing to Heal and Bless

He made a covenant
He swore and promised
That He would never leave you
That He gave angels charge over you
That He would be Merciful to you
That His name would Heal our lands

He searched He looked and He sought
But found none worthy
for the seals and the books
He being God and king
He spoke for me and you
For blessings and honour are His
For riches and wealth are His

He searched!


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