”mirror man”

It was 5 A.M in the morning when Jimmy screamed “stop, help…help, Lucifer chasing me! Leave me alone!’’, nurses and doctors ran at the best of their pace to rescue him. He had been brought in 4 days ago, in a good-for-dead state, for care by a good citizen; jimmy had exhibited high symptoms schizophrenia and extreme hallucinations. Jimmy was said to have been seen running miles, ducking and hiding in strange places at differing times being under the spell binding delusion of a man called “Lucifer “chasing after him. Afore this malady, he had drunkenly driven a truck and ran over a little girl, who was walking beside a narrow lane and had since not been able to forgive himself. He lost all sense of hygiene and sanity. Since this, he never bathed nor shaved his over grown beards and hair, he had ropes dangling around his waist and arms, indeed his demeanor were as of a demented.
Jimmy was never abnormal until the post accident trauma which depressed and defeated him. However he only expressed these delusions and rather impulsive madness whenever he saw shadows or reflections of himself; being ignorant of the fact that the demons he saw were figures of his very own reflection. He ran endlessly from wherever he set eyes on them. These were his own very demons and they grew daily and stronger as the months of his insanity increased. He could not be saved from the wicked beings he saw.
Jimmy is symbolic of the state of our lives and failure in our responsibilities to our society and nation, the erratic racing, the chase, the worries, the fears, all begin with us, they are our very own machinations, the pictures we paint from within, the stories we live and act, the way we do the things we do, all become the very demons that chase us just as jimmy was chased…like jimmy’s Lucifer!
We can only be cured of this malady when we dare to change the mirror man and recreate him; our own very reflections. When we shave the over grown hairs of an age long ignorance and loosen the ropes and twines of slothfulness, corruption and bribery, when we repaint the picture we ourselves reflect, when we make the smiles we want to see on the faces of others, only then can we be cured and have a sane nation, where growth and development on all fronts prosper.
As a nation, we seek change but it begins with the mirror person; our individual acts that become the art that the mirror shows us. Let us give what we desire in order to see what we want in our nation. Change your ways; Start with the mirror man!


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