demise of a wanderer

He sat next to his own body and saw the brokenhearted and pain he left behind
He cried silly but had no tears because he was spirit
He screamed for help to save his dead body but the docs left it open and unclothed
He would have preferred to be wrapped in white swaddling clothes but was denied
Now he could fly just like the super heroes of his childhood dreams
To him there was neither day nor night, all was clear and visions were endless
It was like imprisoned freedom, he was a chained-free man!

He saw all he craved, time was timeless, he heard all in a matter of seconds
Then he realized that it was easier to ascend than to descend ; neither walk on a plane
He saw that all fears were over; he reached out to touch but could not
Now emotions welled up in him at light’s speed!
At sight of his sister’s visage ;pale and pained in grief!
He was dead and gone, he was translated because he’s now spirit!

In memory of ” Black Leo”

Poem By EjohnGold


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