Postcards to Days Before

Some days were colder; some nights were darker when you went away
Some days went missing as you slipped away, like darkness fades into light
My sun crawled away, my moon stood still
Some days were colder and nights were darker
Every sound was louder and my music was blue
Some days went missing because you left me here alone
All I wanted was us again like days before
You were my song, my symphony and harmony
You became my thoughts my feelings my emotions
Your pain was mine and the pangs I felt like piercing fangs deep in my skin
But I lost the song, I lost the words, I lost my savor with you
But time is a healer, a giver and savior
I thought we walked the aisles alone
Thought we toiled the nights alone
I thought we flew like birds alone
I thought we shared it all alone
But soon time is a healer, a revealer and giver
Now I sail this ship alone
And I’m glad now I see
For I’ll go till I’ll be found of her
Yes, I’ll ride far and wide
Where broken hearts mend again!


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