tears from a dry eyes


For the broken and wounded hearted

For the souls departed and translated

For them that ceaselessly mourn and sob

For fellow soldiers in the struggle to keep our Motherland flag flying

To the sad and weak children on the streets of my Africa

To the wailing and weeping mothers, whose young starve and die before their very eyes, helplessly and pointlessly

To that little john and Catherine who have no home or place to go

To them, who strive in the storms, rains and harsh sunny days?

For every tear that you have shed countless and soundless

To those in sack clothes and marred visage

To every father who has ever lost a son or daughter

To everyone who’s lost a spouse; wife or husband

To widows, widowers and orphans

To my black and white brothers

To the saints, to the church, to all

To the forgiven and un-forgiven

To the victims of extraneous religion

To the victims of poor hospitals and health-centers

To the sad educated and helpless uneducated

To every soul that stills and seek the hope and light ahead

To the cities, the towns, the villages and hamlets

I hear a song, a victory song, a war chant

I hear it loud, I see it, and I feel it

I can hold it, touch it, grab it, sing it, shout it …

It is victory! It is salvation! It is redemption

Emancipation! Liberty! Transformation, reformation and revolution

I see it, I feel it! I hope for it!

It is ahead …

It comes so soon and shortly

Persevere, bear and forebear

I see it, I feel it we want it!

Oh Africa, our land of hope, green and splendid!


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