dear princess

Dear princess

I write you the thoughts of you from my heart on a cold, slightly breezy night

I remember how with you was everything perfect and the talks were real and true to heart

I savor the warmth that the nearness to you brings

You smell like roses, your smile is as pure as of a child and the memories of you are goodly as of a fairy princess

As  we looked up nights ago at the blossoms ,pinkish in color, dropping gently and slowly on skins of other lovers at the love garden

It was only the serenity of your queenly ambience that surpassed the splendor of the blossoms

No kisses but hugs

We ate and laughed and wished nothing better than eternity together

I long for yet another season of Christmas and time with you

You’re a friend, a sister and my own very princess

Your heart is pure and your words drop smoothly like honey drops in my mouth

Dear princess stay with me once again…


Your daddy cares

Dedicated to princess



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