Hello Grace,
I seek your warmth in a time as this, clothed in a cluster of dust and ashes, pained to my marrow
These last calls I make, show your face to me, from the strangest of angles, pour out to me
I need you already, your tender caress and sweetest romance!
Touch me, hold me, enter me, commune with me, teach me how to, in an excellent way, grace me!
You said you would lead me by the stillest of waters, by the narrowest of paths, by the highest of hills
From whence comes my help! Oh grace, defender of the universe, healer and giver of life, so tender yet so strong, find me…
Hey! Run ahead of me like a whirling wind and dispel and disperse every fear in me
Pervade me, engulf me, and surround me, totally
Make me numb to my inabilities, lurking within the frailties of my flesh
Grace me with your grace, caress me with passion, show me a vision and give me a mission
Fill me, the vacuum in me with words of grace and love
Let me reach me the heights above the Everest
Take my hand across Jordan and bring these walls of Jericho down as of old
Remember me in your closet; in the pavilion of your love envelope me with your warm embrace and grace!

thoughts by Ejohnlov


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