broken salvages!

The taste of pain is sour and bitter
The air is filled with fogs and bugs
The sound so blue yet shrill as the cry of a lost kid!
It was war and gory was the sight, humans fell like trees broken and beaten
The pang was felt as holes were bored by the pellets and bullets
All their hopes were shattered; dreams were injured and bodies were maimed!

It was such a war; graves were full and grief abounded
The church was meant to salvage, homes were suppose to keep but the refuge was broken!
Hatred and lust for gain caused the pains!
Children wept, birds flustered and bridges were broken!
Because the nation had failed, the peace was gone

When we fail to keep the peace, when we hearts lock the hatred, when men choose to war
Salvages are broken and torture unleashed
Salvages are broken thus tears will flow
Salvages are destroyed thus man is weak
Such it is when love is killed
The men fought for their lives but died like cows; some kings fell that others might rule

But peace was gone; peace aloof!
The smell was putrid, the land defiled
Then years came and passed, flowers grew over their graves, souls of the wicked and Innocent
Keep the salvage, keep the peace
sons of men!


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