You’re there…

In the strangest of places, at the most awkward of moments
At the crossing, beyond the vanishing point in my world
Everywhere that seemed to be nowhere, every time there isn’t hope as it were
In my state of numbness, coldness and blindness
When everyone has turned their backs on me, when the piper’s tune sound shrill and blue
When the drummers have failed their rhythm, in the midst of lack and shame
When words and thoughts have failed me
When the eyes of the world watch in scornful and scoffing stare
Just then you begin to paint the best of my picture, the finest of art for me you make
The purest of love you show to me, the finest of wine you give me drink
The loveliest of robes you give me wear, just then, when my heart has failed or stopped
That’s the beauty of your love for me, that’s the price you pay for me
That’s the way you father me, when I go naked you cloth me
I find you in the reins of my soul and heart, I find you in the tiniest of details
When I run on the field of play, when I strum the strings or clasp my hands
You save me from the hurts therein, your mercy so tender and kind to me
I find you just everywhere and day
Counting the starts and the stops by the sea, how precious they are to me
If I make my bed in the deep, you are there when I awake from sleep, for day by day you have ordained
Written in your word before I came to into being
You are so close to me, like a shadow, lurks around, when I see it not, you are there when I awake from sleep
If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I race to the ends of the earth, if I hide from the eyes of my own soul
You are there, very close and nigh my soul
Help me always to know and reckon
How precious I am to thee!


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