Dreams in a tunnel

It’s been three months in this cavernous tunnel, one so void and lifeless; yet I hear rock songs of the dead. I have groped endlessly and wondering where my exit would be…I thirst so much, I know beyond the spell-binding reverie,one over these months, is the fresh drink I crave.
Flickers of light run across at some points, in some corners, this keeps my hope alive to find the light, a world where Lucifer would be absent, where my fetish would wither and my thirst would be quenched.
Like a child believes a father,as a lovely as a blossom blossoms, as pure as the waters from the springs, like the precision of an eagles eye, so sure am I that I need to die in this place of wretch that I may soar across into firmaments of indescribable bliss.
A place where lust is dead but love alive!
How did I forget your love, how did I stain my garment,it does seem as scarlet?
This was not suppose be, we were meant to do eternity…
but I see hope across, please let me touch, feel, hold and caress you tonight…give me new dreams of the land ahead, where milk and honey flow.

Open this tunnel that I may run out and fly, let the bird be free! I want you now like never before. Enslave me master of all, cleanse my thoughts again and change my name.


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