Tears of a god!

Oh damn! I spilled the blood, I spilled the ink…
Now I trace with my fingers because what I feel is cold as steel in ice…
I’m numb to my teeth, in fear …in tremor…without an amour to defend my frailty
As in a mirror, I see my exterior portray this inferior; a function of an interior that knows so little!

I dare to curse the curse I face; I reach for the dangling threads from his garment, for to touch and hold
I make my head a foot stone…people hate my guts…
But blood was my pain…one I nursed daily, seeking justification
Little knew me of the death he’s died for me…
One of many years before ever I was, a testament written by a testator and an advocate
Even as I come in scarlet robes and a heart of manifold thorns and thistle, she screams and laps for my blood to be payment for an almost priceless debt, but you listen not to her but your own…
One I owed before I ever was or my parents were ….
It took a lion and a lamb to be sacrificed on wooden stakes at some place called Galilee
Now I have earned kingship and godliness, immortality beyond definition
All from the supreme and ultimate, awesome in wonder yet peaceful and kind
Kinder and richer for mercy and truth surround and emanate from his majestic gracefulness

Words do not allow me express my most felt love and hunger for your presence daily
Cold without you, warm only in your arms
Cuddled by your grace in times of need, loaded with benefits daily and eternal…
Take me there again for I grope in a dark cavern seeking just a taste of your blood, to quench my ceaseless thirst …
Illuminate me, renew me, recreate me, remake me, stay with me oh Lord of lords, God of gods…

Thank you because you see my every tear, my every thought you search and my pains you feel. The joy you give…
I love you and reverence your awesome wonder oh God of eternity and life!


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