He was lonely
As I walked slowly,I saw him lying
Lowly groaning and moaning.

He was crying,highly disturbing was the site of this unfairly treated!
Then quickly and swiftly,I quietly asked him,extending my hand of compassion,
Frail he was,sorrowing was passion
He told me how harrowing the grief he lived with was,
starving daily,sickly looking
There was no mother nor father,no love just hate
He had forgotten his name,there was none to remind him or call it ever or daily.
So he was nameless,shameless and homeless!

Thoughtlessly I fearlessly held him close to me for to carelessly graciously show to him what love he missed!
This nameless had been mindlessly looked upon by every passerby on this narrowly lane of life.

Each passing day how we endlessly relentlessly commit to misery countless lives in want of love,
Just a smile from you, as they look At you for hope to see, you deny!
Suffering endlessly,
just a hug afford,
To better their world of hate and fate bewitched,deprived!
That a name you may give the nameless by little acts of love and care.

Dedicated to the destitute persons in my Africa


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