“Please adore me”, please hold me…
Please stay with me,”please worship me”…

Just once more in a room that’s yours
In yOur arms wide spread…breathes apart
You, just you and I,all alone

“please adOre me”, please tOuch me…
Please keep me,please just please

Once, we danced relentlessly,muscles twisting and twitching
As the music played on high notes and pitches
Percussions sounded in synchrony with our acrobatics

Do remember, oh remember

“Please adore me,please worship me”
Please hold me and touch me and fill me
Please water of life,please eternity
Please cleanse my filth,please I plead
Please envelope me,please abide with me,in me and i in you

Just you ,just me…remember to adore me

For I am eternity and with you in fraternity
Serenity at heart,equity and sanctity
Calamity dispelled,tranquillity alone

I seek you as a lost lover,I want you as diamonds
I miss you like rainbows,I cherish you like pearls
I need yOu like always…I desire you as gold
For to use you as silver,make you better than bronze

But adore me,please stay with and I shall fill you,touch you,caress you,need you
Only adore me,praise me…give me every bit of you

For I am eternity itself…endless life
Vast and fast,pure and sure
Always waiting…I am yours!


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