The friends of men have gone gaga, agog for the worst of events that may unfold
The villagers are torn and thrown aback for the worst nightmares they see at day;
Mothers backed their young downwards; women took to street, naked and shaven!

The sun became too sad to glow and burn, yet the night failed her time to show
Men worked tirelessly and hunters failed to deliver their game

Even the river goddess cried for want of drink,for thirsty went her all day-long
The frogs could leap no longer, for the earth was parched and dry
The dogs barked for men had sinned and violated the peace of the land

Vhalerina was raped and ripped, water and blood were spilled
Close to the bank of a river called ‘’peace of vengeance’’
Beside the remains of her corpse were crying puppies and a mother dog
They guarded the bits left of vhalerina from ravenous vultures that lurked around
The dogs did bark for this loss irreplaceable, their master’s only heiress lay dead and gone

Then a search was declared at the king’s word
For a curse had taken over the land, the blood of this innocent cried for judgment
Even the chief priest did prophesy doom when asked to enquire of the gods
He said that the gods had licked the blood of an innocent virgin
He said they had to be purged by only two means
The blood of a virgin male at 49 or seven years of famine and pestilence
However if the evil men were found and killed then the curse would cease

As men ran helter-skelter, goats ran, corks crowed, lizards nodded
Women cried and wailed for the fury of the gods had begun
Children convulsed, trees collapsed, all at once….
Then it dawned on the strangers, who came from a far away land,
Why the dogs at the bank of the river, at the entry point by the woods into the village of Mhordiza, barked ceaselessly!


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