It was meant to be four years more; age was meant to count
Time was meant to birth maturity
But when I looked closely and spoke intensely, for to observe, the case was not the same
Firstly as flickers of tingling sensation
Wrapped within A MOTIVE OF brotherhood and responsibility
Like an unborn human, L- motions became Emotions
Light-skinned, bright-eyed, eight-shaped;
She possessed all artistry plus a distinct vocal chord for soothing sounds
THE rule stated that 21was appropriate
However 17 defied the law
19 could have stayed but time and chance played their role
Now in my room flashes of 17 came but conscience pricked my soul
Passion was fervent, hugs and endless kisses like two courting doves,
A bond indestructible; a spell irreversible
All I saw and felt was superhuman being ferried in this most exciting and desirous reverie
…”If the earth craved her blood I would spill mine for hers”
…”If the clouds withheld rains, I would cry rains on her”
For beauty did strike a chord of want and love in me
The sane may say insane I became but such is love when found at last
…”Let thy grasses grow green and clean like Trees long and strong
Do remember the passion we share
Take a walk at day and twilight
Sing along the path you please
Show thy beauty until fifty comes to you; when thy young are grown and groomed
For sleek and quick thy destiny unfolds
Oh my 17 is a diamond mound better than the pearls at shores”
May this duet we sing be a melody In harmony of our love FOREVER!

In memory of “Diamond”,


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