Her walls were untouched,unbroken and beautiful
She was enviable, admirable and green
She was wet at Her seasons ,She was dry at Her Seasons
She was a culture and also a climate to desire
Her children never starved ,for her milk sufficed them
But days came when she shared with strange men
Men who took away Her children, stained her streets with her own blood
Then she was sore Vexed,for Her walls were broken
Her heart was filled with fear,uncertainty,thoughts of pain
She became the black they saw of Her,like a wounded hound
Her wetness became dry,Her thighs were cursed

OH africa :when thou wast virgin ,when thou knew not men
Peace dwelt within thy walls
Pain was far from thee,children lived,fathers gave
When the rains poured on thee and sunshine was adequate
When your farmlands were green and your clouds clear

You were lovable,desirable,a temptation to men
Thy wetness lured both the great and small
Thy grace was elegant like an elephant’s
I longed for thee,I lurked around strange corners
For thy attention alone I craved, I desired thy milk

Oh Nigeria when thy walls were Unbroken
When they beauty was green not black
When thy mothers wept not;thy children lusted not at others
Now blood splatter on thy street yet thou own not up
How be it that we see blood on thy sheets and streets?
How be it that thou carry in thy womb a cursed seed?
with whom has thou shared thy affections?
Pain has wroth her work ,many lay sick despised and stricken

Oh my africa,oh Nigeria !
VIrgin defiled,clean up thy stains, Shake up thy walls
Arise eat and drink ,for thy prince abide with thee
Thy kings are great,thy kins men are mighty
Thy dance is faultless ,thy music is sad but strength unto thy weak
For thy lands are green again
Thy beauty knows no bounds ,thy stones glitter
Thy grace has come ,thy morning is HEre!
Oh Africa oh Nigeria

EJOHN’s thoughts..


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