Sour melodies

Once upon a time, His voice was beautiful; sound of harmonious melodies…
Once upon a time, His music made sense beyond the words of solomon
Once upon a time, she had no other
Once upon a time thEy lived together happily after…
Until another listener came and melodies were shared
Harmony was distuned and music was sour…
These listeners could not bear that the same piece was offered them…each craved her own
The singer Sang even more and more,until His listener left the scene…
But He sang her favourite,a song He knew the most…one that He hoped the new listener would come to know and crave…
But the more sang He the song,the more sour became His listener’s ears..
He wished to sing a new song but knew none else to sing…
Soon , this listener would take no more than to sadly leave …for the real listener to return…
What the singer would sing remains a mystery one within the events of destiny…
The music is Sour!

EJOHN’s thoughts..


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