In wonder and ponder about where to go
In your tears and thoughts of suicide
While u do regretfuLly break down
And your hopes patched likE the desert storms
In His love and unflinching concern for you
Just as the apple of His eyes

He has a plan for you,he comes right through on-time for uS
He has a plan infallible and most certainly he’ll make a way

Ways where there aint roads
Routes where none can go…
Peace in the midst of storms and pain
Because when ever we call to him
With hope and faith,a voice to still he’ll offer
Because unconditioned is the love he has for u and me

He has a plan ,he has a way
Don’t despair or be discouraged
Faithful at all times,faithful until the end
He has a plan
He has a way
Thoughts of Good for you and me!

EJOHN’s thoughts..