A Cold old beggar

It was evening and raining
Walking home, several thoughts racing through the track of my mind
I observed well enough,just enough across the road
Still and stale in the rains, a cold old beggar
Seated still, seeking and hoping a coin might drop off whealthier hands
He sat in much dust, mud and debris His companions,He was just not a champion
I loathed the rains, though I had my boots and sweater
I still felt the cold but here was the beggar so poor and cold
Starved and homeless!
As twilight set in …
I remembered how much I grumbled and worried daily
Craving wants not even needs!
I pondered
I knew then I needed gratitude as an attitude to stay on this undeserved altitude
It became obvious to me that I was favored …
I watched as men passed looking narrowly at Adamu the “cold old beggar”
Again I understood what loneliness meant
This beggar’s world was sad, lame and full of shame
I was going home so late attending to the always seeming nagging calls from my ma and pa
I was loved and cared for, missed and prayed for
I was not so alone like I thought I felt…
Teach me God to be grateful like the lame poor old cold beggar
Teach me to be thankful always, to know you’re merciful to me
Teach us to think better to thank better!

EJOHN’s thoughts..


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