Technology is Grey

Technology has been defined in many respects by many writers, professionals in related fields of technology and science but the recurrent denominator which cuts across in all these perspectives and definitions by the afore mentioned authorities, is in the simplicity that technology is the pragmatic application of science, while being guided by certain scientific procedures, to solve problems that bother man and his environment. Technology thus becomes a tool in the hand of man to reach unto certain heights and comfort as the case maybe.
The reason why we have technological changes is because there is a constant need to address man’s very many complex problems. These problems are discovered and analysed through science (a human art that seeks to know and understand the nature of things, following some credible and defined methods, in all relevant respects) thereafter solved or managed through the appropriate technological approach.
A mobile phone, an adorable yet almost tragic communication gadget, built to meet the communication need of man, for business or pleasure, is so made; its use is subject to her user’s intents and underlying motives.
A man may decide to make a threat-call with his mobile phone to another as well as may choose to say a warm hello to another with the same cell phone. The cell phone would not complain nor refuse her user provided all working factors are met. Another man could take the same cell phone and use the device as a bomb detonator or may have chosen earlier to appease a crying baby girl by giving her the phone as a toy to toil with.
A gun which mostly is L-shaped could seem to a child as some sort of toy but we are all aware what a gun is manufactured for. I could go and on with numerous examples to show the manifold ways in which the user of any contrivance d etermines the need which it ends up meeting in the long run irrespective of the prior intent of manuifacture or deployment of any such tools of technology.
Technology remains the key to solving problems. Technology is guiltless; she has no reason not to thrive. Thus technological growth and development must be further encouraged as long as the right policies are formulated to guide its adequate and well meaning use. The bane of every crime, calamity and system failure is predominantly precipitated by a policy flaw or inadequacy as well as its implementation. The right level of research and intellectual rational must be put together during every policy making process in other to achieve the best possible intent, perhaps a zero tolerance for inadequacies in formulated and implemented laws.
We must indeed be protect her for she makes our world a better and easier place; through the formulation of the right laws and policies to give technology a positive value.

EJOHN’s thoughts..


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