As a car skids off its track,a moment of chaotic disorder…
Like wailing voices going away in the gusto and whirling of a tornado
Like a flooding,a cascade and angry waves at the shores of the pacific…
I drift away in a daydream upon lustful and literal concupiscence
I drift aloof,as one taken aback by the wiles and giles of that old serpent,dressed in scarlet,full of deceit!
A drift irresistible by my frailty but can be reSiSted by even simple acts of love unfeigned unto my maker
I am not ashamed to say aloud how much I drift daily and away from your love
Again as an eagle stirreth unto the heights
A snaKe gliddeth upon the rock and a lion roareth,intrepid at itS prey,so seek I to stay with thee…
Let me not lie with the drifterS and ”grifters”
Let my path be separated by my conduct
Let my soul drift away from evil choices unto the goodly and godly
That I may not have completEly drifted from thee…
Let me drift away until and unto eteRnal bliss at thy feet alone…
I drift!

EJOHN’s thoughts..


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