Reassurance(my jewel)

There she goes with uncertainties of a life long fore-ordained ordeal
She daily gives her much,strives her best,takes her less
She just wants to be his queen,she only craves to be closer
Bare him sons,live forever happily after…a fore told story!
Sometimes a day’s hope shines like the sun at full glow
Sometimes faint as the faintest memories…
Especially at occasions of divisions,suspicions and dissension
Precipitated by distrust or even misconduct by the prospective king
His words burn like hot coals of a fullers furnace,He groAns in disgust at little ,screams at minor yet I write intently to affirm the Love he resolutely has for her..
At these times when another lurks around to race with her,she hurts and fumes like a dragon..
Little wonder why our world daily increases in temperature..
As humans fume and give off..there is only little earth can bear…
But as a scribe,I write in haste what the king wishes to let his soon to be queen know,
He assures her that wisdom rests with kings and equity their watch Garments,
He wishes to convey gratitude for the abundance of her gifts and tribute
Little wonder the king does employ kingly terms to write…
He Says his love endures unto her…


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