our birds that went aloof

Sour and stale,smell like hell!
A savoured fragrance gone upon the entrance of breaches,hate and strife
I ponder and wonder,how much longer would we err and tour yonder
We were of a feather,flew often times together
Shared the altitudes and the vicissitudes
When purity was raw as unrefined gold,scarce as the onyx
In those days when we ate from a plate,sucked the same nipples
Grappled for the same clothes,when we knew nothing wrong
Now we foster a chasm;divisions as though the same blood run not within our arteries and veins…
For this,our cats and dogs eat themselves
Our water is blood,our muse is pain
Our fame is murder,as we spilled and killed our brown and dark skins,on unpaved streets
Casting our young for the sake of greed and vile creeds, upheld by age long malevolent practices
Our eagles stand aloof,seeking whom to unify
By love and true service,and honour for one to another
Only these can make us again,though we bare a name,have a hue,live together and speak a language
On the west coast of africa!

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