na who sabi?

Junk lyrics (pidgin)
If I asked you this question
What tomorrow would be like?
You go say plenty, you go yarn plenty
Some go say they go party
Some go say marry
Others go say die
Many go yarn plenty! —————————— verse1
But you no know tomorrow —2ce
Only him know tomorrow
You no know tomorrow—————————–chorus
But we they hope to see tomorrow
He wey know tomorrow go rule tomorrow
When you ask some to give, they go say tomorrow
When you tell some to do, they go say tomorrow———-verse2
But you no know tomorrow——————————–2ce
I no know tomorrow
You no fit to change tomorrow
‘Cause you no know tomorrow
U better go now, you better do now
‘Cause you know tomorrow
You may die tomorrow
You may live tomorrow
Do what you must now
Save while you can now
Share while you can
Take while you must now
We no know tomorrow
I no now tomorrow
He knows tomorrow
Do today and wait for tomorrow

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